Strategic Supplementation

supplementation can be beneficial within the context of eating 100% fresh real food according to the SHT way. we just want to make sure we are strategic with our supplementation :) in this episode:

  • what is Strategic Supplementation?
  • popular supplement myths.
  • what superfoods we recommend consuming.
  • what supplements we recommend taking.
  • how we feel about plants.
  • what special considerations we have for athletes.

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nose-2-tail superfoods, nutrients, and supplements.


plant-based support.

(in progress)


healing and recovery (including anti-inflammation).

  • bone stock (1/2-1 quart). contains all the nutrients and cofactors necessary for cartilage, connective tissue, bones, and joints. here’s how to make bone stockhere’s store-bought bone stock options.
  • fermented cod liver oil. if NOT eating pasture-raised egg yolks daily, we would consider taking this cod liver oil it has EPA & DHA which are crucial for anti-inflammation. this brand also has balanced levels of vitamins A & D which are synergistic together. 3 capsules per day, get this one and only this one. get it here.
  • collagen peptides (1-4 scoops). CRUCIAL! this has been a huge game-changer for us recently, we’ve noticed so much improvement in every aspect of body and performance, including LACK of pain. this is the main thing the body needs to repair and rebuild connective tissues such as ligaments, joints, and cartilage. and especially any time you have surgery or need of tissue rebuilding. I would get this one and take 3 full scoops per evening. did I mention GAME CHANGER? TAKE IT EVERY DAY YOU REMEMBER!  get this.
  • vitamin D3 (2,500 iu’s). for anti-inflammation. everyone would benefit from about 2,500 iu’s per day, ESP if you’re not getting out in the sun like we do. get this one and take 1 capsule per day with fat.  I like this from Jarrows.
  • vitamin K2 (full spectrum). this is a crucial nutrient for orchestrating all the other nutrients listed above. vitamin K2 tells the body HOW to use nutrients and HOW to rebuild. we love this one. 1 per day with food. I like this one.
  • magnesium (300-400 mg).  synergistic with all minerals and nutrients. part of the matrix of bones and connective tissues. helps with contraction and relaxation of muscles. I only recommend the one we sell. 




cognitive stack.

(in progress)


questions from podcast. . .

why do you use the word STRATEGIC in the supplementation realm?

we believe in real food first!

no amount of supplementation or superfoods will overcome, undo, or counter bad eating.  make your primary focus real food, our way.

  • we do well with nutrient density with maximum assimilation absorption because of our digestive system.
  • we do well with direct nutrient to nutrient assimilation.
  • we do NOT have the capacity to “ferment” in the way herbivores, hindgut, or foregut fermenters do.
  • we do really well on cooked foods = smaller gut, smaller mouths.
      1. vitalism vs reductionism
  1. What can you say about these popular myths and why we as a community recommend staying away from them.
    1. multivitamin to cover bases.
    2. calcium supplementation.
    3. protein powders and meal replacements.
    4. pre workout, mid workout, post workout.
  1. If our community eats nutrient dense food/REAL food, why should we supplement?
    1. mimic evolutionary template. nose to tail.
    2. soil degradation and nutrient depletion.
    3. toxicity.
    4. stagnation and lack of variety.
  1. What supplements do you recommend for the community?
    1. superfoods first! things like meats, healthy fats like butter, etc.
      1. bone stockx
      2. bone marrow
      3. collagen
      4. organ meats esp liver
    2. EPA & DHA
    3. D3
    4. Magnesium
    5. K2
    6. vitamin C
  1. what about plant based?
    1. my humble thoughts.
    2. variety.
    3. polyphenols, hormetic stressors, herb
  2. what about athletes?
  1. Where can we find more about these specifics, which supplements, were to get them etc.


-Protein powders and shakes are a must for building muscle.

-Pre-workout is completely healthy and necessary before a workout.

-Taking a fish oil supplement is going to benefit you in the long run.

-Certain supplements are okay to take to either bulk up or slim down (supplements are the only way to bulk up or slim down).




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