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By December 16, 2018 Foundations

Our SHT holistic health journey membership is designed to empower you for an entire year, maybe even a lifetime, with constant learning and constant experience.  It includes our flagship SHT Real Foodie Masterclass 8-week progression, as well as classes, programs, and content delivered in a sequence that continually builds on itself ALL YEAR LONG.

  • SHT Real Foodie Masterclass ($196 value)
  • SHT Lifestyle Progression ($89 value)
  • Hiking Camping 101 workshop ($46 value)
  • SuperFoods workshop ($63 value)
  • SHT Fat Loss program ($136 value)
  • Strategic Detox ($96 value)
  • 13.5 Days to Sleeping Like a Champ ($29 value)
  • 29 Days of Mindfulness ($49 value)
  • 21 Days of Gratitude ($29 value)
  • Natural Solutions workshop ($66 value)
  • SuperHuman Goal Setting ($39 value)
  • an amazing Facebook group community (infinite value :⁠)
  • an amazing local and online community of support(infinite value :⁠)
  • and anything and everything else we come up with!

All access to online seminars released throughout the year

  • I Feel Freakin’ Amazing and my Cholesterol Went Up!
    cholesterol, inflammatory markers and all you need to know
  • Advanced Food Quality Concepts
  • Basics of Autoimmune
  • Basics of Becoming Fully Fertile
  • Nutrients, Toxicity and Cancer

10% off of private programs and services

  • Private maintenance sessions (1 hour al la carte)
  • Autoimmune Protocol ( 6-8 weeks)
  • Holistic Fertility (4-6 weeks)
  • Biohacking / Ketogenic (6 weeks)
  • Athlete Protocol (4-6 weeks)

10% off all products, supplements, and memorabilia

All access to mobile SHT App :)

Exclusive invites to special events including but not limited to:

  • SHT Retreat
  • hiking & camping
  • potlucks

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