RSVP to SHT and Paul C. Tijerina events

SHT SuperFoods Class and Hands-On Workshop

$60 is all-inclusive for this amazing class. we must have your RSVP as we can only hold 24 people with our setup. all you have to do is show up with 2 empty wide-mouth mason jars.

for details about the class visit our recent post here.

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SHT Lifestyle Progression

take your health to another level :)

REAL FOOD IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, BUT there is more to health than food!

if you want to look, feel, and perform your best, you also must include these other foundations.  when you do, you’ll feel your life go to another level!

  • sleep, sun, and setting circadian rhythms
  • meditation & mindfulness
  • grounding, earthing, and being outdoors
  • simplifying life through minimalism
  • natural, non-toxic solutions for the home

this progression gives you all the details to understand, implement, and experience our foundations through a 4-week course curriculum, and makes them easy to implement and manageable in a modern lifestyle.

for details about this progression including what is covered at each meeting, visit our recent post here.

1ST MEETING – Saturday, March 30th @ 11am

RSVP to the progression and first meeting here.  current SHT members remember to use your promo code.